First it was ‘Stay at Home – Save Lives’ now it’s ‘Build! Build! Build!’

Clearly the latter is all about getting our economy going again although it is also argued to be a ‘morale booster’, after the havoc that Covid-19 has caused.

Nevertheless, whatever your politics, after years of government cut-backs (austerity at its best) this can only be seen as good news for the construction industry, job preservation and job creation in general.

After the prime ministers announcement yesterday promising to invest £1bn of funding for 50 major school building projects and a further £560m for repairs to existing ‘crumbling’ school buildings, he has now followed it up with the promise of a £5bn “new deal” to build homes and infrastructure in an effort to bounce back from the impact of the coronavirus and fix longstanding national economic problems.

It doesn’t stop there however as the prime minister refuses to follow the path of austerity and promises to make good on his election pledge to build 40 new hospitals – details of which will be set out by the health secretary in the coming days.

As with all government funding announcement’s there are always those that will say it is too little to late and they may well be right, particularly in the education sector where the National Audit Office has identified a backlog of £6.7bn repairs needed across England’s 21,000 schools alone. But again this can only be good news for the construction industry in general and dare I say it there could be much more to come in the relatively near future – watch this space!

The question is are you ready to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise? Are your qualifications and cards up to date? Have you considered stepping up from operator to supervisor or from supervisor to manager?

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